Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh what a week! Monday I felt ill, and stayed home from work Tuesday. That's when the pain started. A throbbing in my jaw and teeth. What in the world was going on?? Pain pills did little to help and I spent Wednesday at home as well. I couldn't find an ice pak worthy, but I did find a small frozen pizza in a box which I tied to my face with a kitchen towel. It helped for a little while, but was hard not to laugh at. My sister took a lot of photos before preparing me a better suited remedy. Laughing felt good for the soul, but bad for the mouth. Thursday came, along with my dentist appointment, where they told me? .....nothing! They shrugged, told me to find a root canal specialist, and handed me a prescription. Well, at least I had a prescription! For what? ...Evil Lortabs! After my first one, I stumbled around the house, wide eyed and confused looking. But the pain was gone! I continued using them all evening and into the morning. Then I started to feel funny. Dizzy, disoriented....oh no oh no oh no I think I'm gonna vomit! It was the worst "hangover" of my life. I could eat nothing, watching TV made me dizzy, I was tired, and dehydrated, and still in pain! I gave up on the pills that day and awoke the following morning so much better! The pain had localized. I knew what was the issue! Hurray! I felt good enough to clean my basement, straighten the house, wash all my linens, and hang out with my family. And then it happened...the pain came back, stronger and stronger, and then my lip went numb. I was confused. Then my chin. As of right now, Sunday morning, the lower half of my face has no feeling. Oy! Apparently the nerve in my jaw is gettin' squished. So after frantic calls to my dentists' houses, I finally got a call back. I'm due in this afternoon to get the tooth removed. And hopefully all the feeling will come back to my face! I am nervous for the extraction, but it's gotta be better than what I'm going through now. So many useful days wasted! Wish me luck!


  1. Oh my! My husband is going through the very same thing! We know JUST what you're going through!!!

  2. Dear Sweetie ~ I feel for you, as I just had a tooth pulled three weeks ago. You will feel no more pain after that tooth is gone. If they give you antibiotics, be sure to eat yogurt to keep up the good bacteria in your system that the antibiotics kill. Rest too.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh my dear, what a weekend it has been! But you came thru it with flying colors. I am glad the offending tooth is out, and now we need to get you all healed up. May this week be so much better for you! LYS.

  4. I'm so sorry for your pain and suffering...but you sure do have a gift for words!!! I just love your stories and couldn't help laughing at the "pizza on the face" description. I do hope you're feeling better soon.



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