Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Gatsby Gala 2013

Through an iron gate, down a tree-lined lane, past very noir street lamps, we made our way to the Daly Mansion. Marcus Daly purchased the property in 1886 and continually remodeled it until his death in 1910. His wife continued the process until it evoked a Georgian-Revival style. It's a beautiful home with more than 50 rooms. A perfect backdrop for a night of folly!

The Preservation Trust that keeps the house maintained and open to the public hosted the Gatsby Gala as a fundraiser. The ballroom held a live band and lots of room for dancing. (Or tripping and falling, which I used it for as well...LOL). The formal dining room boasted a huge spread of hour de'ourves and coffee. The gift shop was prepped for professional photos and the parlor hosted one huge coat rack of furs! Apparently everyone attending that night (a good 150 or so!) all raided their grandparents' closets for authentic outerwear.

Activities provided were bingo in the 3rd floor billiards room, 'horse racing' in the very masculine trophy room (complete with stuffed Grizzly and a tiger skin!), poker tables and fortune telling on the second floor and of course dancing! Prohibition couldn't touch us as we enjoyed a full bar too! My handsome beau got ushered into the costume contest, most likely due to a killer curled mustache. People just adored it! I garnered a lot of compliments with my bold jewelry and drapey dress. Felt good to get dolled up!

The Trust did a fantastic job of setting up this event. It was well organized, well decorated, and well attended! They even  made paper lanterns, adorned with 1920s poster images. Set atop mirrored tiles and peacock feathers. :)

My man and I had a roaring good time and I hope they host this annually, for I'll readily return! Until then, I'll try and hit all of their other events including their murder mystery dinners in October! Spooky! I can see how this place would be very eerie in the fall.

What a great night out!

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