Monday, October 22, 2012

The Montgomery Distillery

On Front St in my town, there is an old brick building that has changed hands and faces since the early 20th century. It's latest shape is in the form of a distillery (and is one of my favorites yet!). We keep adding breweries to our city like mad, but distilleries we don't have. I have enjoyed watching them develop the site from afar (i.e. facebook) but finally got a look inside on Saturday.

Through double glass doors, under a large "M" made of antlers, you enter the Montgomery Distillery. The tasting room is alive with rich fabrics and dark woods. A huge bar holds shelves of silver-labeled bottles and leather-wrapped flasks. An antique cash register reflects in the mirror. The feel is tasteful, classy, modern, and welcoming. Their personnel are kind, their cocktail menu is delicious. This place makes you smile.

I was there to participate in one of their bottling parties. I think this is awfully clever. Civilians get to come learn about the distillery and have a hand in the bottling, while the company gets a lot of eager, cheap labor! Perfect! Both parties leave happy! I got a tour of the basement which included the explosion-proof mill, all the holding tanks, and the beautiful stills. They are a steam punk dream! 

The whole facility is clean and crisp and organized. It feels a little clinical, but I think that it should! I also have to admit I felt at home--all those stills and supplies reminded me of my laboratory! Ah, is there a more perfect mix? Chemistry and spirits! I'm in love!

We were introduced to the multi-step process of bottling and I chose my station: filler o' vodka. To my right was the gal who pulled bottle after bottle off the pallet and blew out the dust inside. I filled 'er up with that liquid sunshine which is known as wheat vodka. Made sure the customer didn't get short changed and each one was 750ml, I passed them on to the cork man. Labels were added next by a table of ladies and then into the boxes to be taped up for distributing. We put together 759 bottles!

When the bartender talked to me in the tasting room when I first arrived, she said that the process was very therapeutic, and she was right. The tasks were calming and fun. I also have a taste for the mundane and tedious (hello I'm a chemist) so it was even better. I'll admit it felt pretty cool to be the one to fill those bottles that would later find their way into the hands of customers. That my handwriting adorned some of those labels proudly stating this was "batch no. 4." Maybe I'm just easily entertained, but it was a great afternoon!

We were rewarded with pizzas from a great restaurant next door, and each given a free t-shirt on the way out. It brought together a bizarre group of people and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Actually, I've already signed up for three more parties! Maybe someday I can work at a place like this!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My decor this year has been rather simple. Lots of orange and yellow, some black velvet and pumpkins. I'll continue to add more touches as October continues on, but this year I'm trying to stay classy. :) Simple, chic, golden and cozy. (I'll have to up the spook-factor nearer to the 31st) but right now I'm loving it!

The guillatine actually stays out all year! I built in for a project in High School!

Simple mantel. (I can't add much because it's so narrow!) Next step will be adding some fabric behind the lace so you can actually tell they're bats!
Sister bought me my first pumpkin of the season. I love them! Goes will with the colors already in my living room.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Awesome Contest!

I just had to share this! I love and right now they're hosting a giveaway for 12 dresses! A dress per month for a whole year! I'd be in HEAVEN! *swoon* Go check them out! (And if you win, maybe you'll share??) :)

Here's their blog:
Shabby Apple Blog

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anti-itch Cast Remedy!

My sister recently ended up in a cast due to an unfortunate accident in Costa Rica this last year. There's more to that story for sure, but that's hers to tell. ;) Either way, she came home a few weeks ago with a bright blue, water proof cast on her arm. Wasn't too terrible until it started to itch. You could find her with a chopstick wedged halfway into the material hoping for some relief! I did some research and on another very old blog (she hasn't updated in years) I found an answer. Cetaphil!

This is a type of gentle cleanser you can find most places like Walgreens. It is designed so that it does not have to be washed off the skin. That's the key! The light residue kills the itch! All excited, we went and bought a bottle from our neighborhood grocery and got to work. We dribbled some of it down the cast and washed it the rest of the way with the shower head. We let the water run through the end a little and then stopped rinsing. We wanted to leave some in there! Guess what? No more itching! The chopstick went away and she's been much happier since.

The other day she warned of what happens when you put too much in oozes through the cast! She had a slightly embarrassing day at work trying to control the soapy, goo that was emanating from her right arm. Whoops! At least it smelled good!

So, if you know someone with an itchy cast, have them try the Cetaphil idea! It's the only remedy we've found that works. Just don't use too much! ;)

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