Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where I've Been...

I realized the other day that I haven't posted in almost a month. I think I've got good reason though! After planning for almost two years, it finally happened.....jaw surgery! Though the doctors have big fancy names for it all, I'll just tell you that they broke both my top and bottom jaw. I've been recovering for a week and a half now. The pain has ebbed, and I've had lots of little victories along the way--like finally being able to yawn without wanting to cry. :)

My mother took great care of me the first week, while I stayed at her house. I was definitely a needy guest, requiring pureed meals, lots of meds and a good amount of attention. Thankfully, she'd recorded a ton of Say Yes to the Dress and Four Wedding episodes. We compared dresses and weddings for days, while I ate out of a straw and drooled continually down my chin. :) Now I'm back home, and it feels good to be in my space. My cat is happy and I have been doing my best to relax.

My newest challenge is waiting for a lot of the feeling in my face to come back. With nerves slowly being re-covered by bone, parts of my face are either completely numb, or tingly. The tingly part is the worst--giving me a pins and needles sensation in most of my bottom teeth. Ouch! Too bad pain meds can't touch it. Hopefully it'll only take a few more days to iron out!

It will take six weeks for the bones to solidify and I'll hopefully be back to work and looking normal before then. The swelling post surgery was insane! Hulk smash! But I'm slowly shrinking back to my normal face and ready to be back doing the things I love. Wish me luck! :)

Keeping my spirits up! Right before going in for surgery.
Right after surgery! Glad to have survived! :)
Hello swelling! Not looking too hot in the hospital!

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