Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012!

What an amazing holiday! A treat every year! My sister and I went up to a saloon outside of town for our first Halloween festivities on the 27th. We went as the brother duo Thor and Loki. The cowboy crowd that was the majority up there weren't sure who my costume was, but they liked it anyway. They just figured I was an elk with my gold horns and seemed OK with that. Oh well! Had a great time and met some very cool new friends. We drank fancy spirits, two-stepped to a live band and warmed up by a huge bonfire. We were clever enough to rent the last available cabin so we didn't have far to stumble that night before falling into a deep Midgardian slumber. :)

God of Mischief, Loki!

Thor harnessing the power of lightening!

My amazing glowing staff my Dad built me!
For the actual Wednesday of Halloween, I enjoyed surprising coworkers with cute packages of candy and made a lot of folks smile with my cat ears on my head. Employee kiddos were allowed to come through the building and trick or treat so I had a black cauldron of goodies waiting. Set up the house later to be warm and welcoming with orange lights and lots of candles and the costumed wee ones started knocking on the door around 7:30. It was an unusual year here because it was so warm! Temps in the 60s! Normally it snows! The kids were lucky this year! After the last tired goblins went home, my sister and I put on the make-up, did our hair, and donned our Godly-costumes once more. People watching downtown was a blast with so many creative costumes this year! I love seeing what folks come up with! It was a splendid night spent with splendid people! And now, it's time to take down the jack-o-lanterns and put up the Thanksgiving wreath. Already itching for the next holiday! :)

I loved capturing Thor doing normal human things :)

Pumpkins at my parents' house. We visit every year!

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