Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday: M is for...


There are lots of things in motion in my mother's backyard. Whether it be large-scale wind sculptures, a wind chime, sunny wind sock, or running cat. There's always something moving in this landscape!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Sunday: S is for..." (My new game for this week)

My parents are off to the OR coast this week, so that leaves me taking care of their property while they're away. It's a chore I never mind! I always bring my camera and capture as many little, beautiful details about their yard. So, this year, I will do the same, and every day post a new snapshot of their world. This week will be dedicated to their home! So here we go!

Sunday: S is for...Sun!

Lots of places in their yard to sit and enjoy a sunbeam. The brightly painted theater chairs and the new, crisp garden bench are two good options.

There's lots of objects here to catch sunshine too, whether it be stained glass or green leaves!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The River City Rod Run!

Lookin' Sassy!

Every summer our river-side park plays host to a fair sized car show. It's the first one of the season, and folks come down in flocks to look at all the hot rods, muscle cars, and strange wheeled contraptions people have built or remodeled. My Dad built a Cobra that he finished last year (and that I've mentioned before) and once again entered it in the show. At 9pm last night they do my favorite part--the cruise! All cars get up on our main drag and make a big loop. The city comes out to watch the "parade" of vehicles with "oohs" and "ahhs" and lots of waving. I got to ride shotgun in the Cobra next to my Dad. I couldn't stop grinning! I asked my Dad what it was like to build something that made people smile so much. :) Little kids (both girls and boys) pointed at us as we went by and yelled "Daddy! That's the one I want!" Older gents gave us smiles and thumbs up. Ladies squealed and said it was "so pretty!" Some folks drive fancy cars so that they can feel like a million bucks. I like this fancy car because where ever it goes, it brings grins, waves, and joy. And that's better than any Lamborghini or Maserati can do! :P

Me and Dad!

Sister's turn to ride!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fantastic Father's Day!

Us girls and our dad!

My Dad rocks! Ever since I was born I knew this man was extra special. He had such an active part in our growing up. Him and my Mom made the best team. I couldn't be luckier with my parents! Yesterday we took Dad out to dinner and then showered him with fun gifts. We ate cake and reminisced about growing up and all the great memories we had with him. It was a lovely Sunday! Spent with the most amazing Father!

What we're REALLY like. (And I'm not really punching him, I swear) LOL

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gardening and a Trip to See the Baby

The rain fell today in random bursts. It rained hard, but only a few minutes at a time. I got caught in one of these bouts on my way home from the farmer's market. I didn't mind terribly. At least it was warm! Drenched, hair curling, I made it home to hot coffee and some cookies. (I've been on a baking kick.) This afternoon, when the sun peaked out a little, my sister and I went plant shopping. We have been given the go-ahead to landscape the yards at the rental. So we picked up some shrubs and flowers to get started. It was great! Nothing is more relaxing than shopping for plants. I could do it all day. We stopped by two nurseries and collected lots of little (and big) beauties.

Sister with some of our bounty

After I left them with my sister to water, I took off to my best friend's house to get some one-on-one time with her and her new baby. What a joy he is! Even fussing and crying. He's still adorable. I finally got to hold him. We spent a lot of time just lounging on the sofa, all three of us, rambling about the usual. Felt nice to have this girl time that I'm so used to with this friend. I savor every moment because I know how busy she is and will continue to be with that little one.

First photograph of me and baby (and my braces!) He's just like a little doll.

I just love those tiny toes!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Babies and Braces and Bison, Oh my!

It's been an amazing day! Starting it off at 4:30am with a telephone call. My best friend was dilated 5cm and back at the hospital. Baby was a'comin'! Off I went to give her support until it was delivery time. Ended up waiting for hours! At 10am that little boy was finally born. Nothing more amazing than the sound of a newborn cry, is there? He is beautiful and 6lbs, 15oz. Cute as a button, swaddled like a baby burrito. I cried like, well, a baby when I saw him and I can't believe I now have a nephew!! A-MAZING! Mama did great and was looking good when I left the hospital. What an event!

Mid-baby event I had to run off for an hour and get my braces on! Yep, I have a full set of braces again (just like 5th grade!) Thankfully the technology has improved! It's sore right now, but doable. I'm sure I'll get used to them quickly. One day down, 730 to go! Hurray for eventual straight teeth!
So now I sit here, drinking a cocktail, sleepy after a long day, eating a dinner of bison. Mmmm. Such good meat! Lean and tasty. My belly is happy, my day is complete, and I am on a cloud of happiness. :) What a successful Tuesday! June 14th is forever an amazing date!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seattle, Part 1!

I feel like I've been gone from blog land for so long! Life has been crazy busy wonderful and I bounced myself off to Seattle for a few days recently. Felt great to get away from everything and really devote my time to relaxing. And eating. Such good food in that city! So here are the highlights from my first few days:

Day 1: An 8 hour drive west. Thankfully the landscape changes often enough to keep it interesting. Mountains, windy passes, big lakes, farm land, Columbia gorge, wind turbine farms, Snoqualamie, and then into the city. I love driving in fast traffic! Bob and weave...

I showed up at my friend's house and was welcomed with a cold beer and a comfy couch. Whew! What a day. That night we enjoyed El Matador. The best tequila bar in the area. Great food and fun atmosphere. Then home for a dip in the pool and a bottle of champagne.

[Not my photo]

Day 2: Headed down to Pike's Market in the morning to eat piroshkis. Mmm. Mingled with the locals and tourists alike as we checked out all the booths and shops. Sunshine and clear blue sky. Did not expect that in Seattle!

Next up was the Seattle Art Museum and Nick Cave's latest exhibit. AWESOME! So cool to see great art. Wandered until we were too tired to go on. Off to the University district next to find a great little German restaurant: Schultzy's. Best bratwurst ever!

[Not my photo]

We capped the night off with food at Meze, a Mediterranean place. Some of the best food ever tasted. The waitress was a hoot! Then to bed early so we'd be well rested for our third day. I'll write more later! :)

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