Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mosaic Monday! Snow!

We got dumped on last week! Our school's saw two snow days (which I didn't think ever happened in MT!) and I spent a lot of hours shoveling. It was gorgeous out though. Kids making forts and snowmen all over town. Folks cross-country skiing through the streets (including myself). And a highlight? I surprised my neighbor with a new shovel (they didn't have one) and they in turn shoveled my driveway AND left a growler of beer on my step. Gotta love that!

I'm joining Little Red House for Mosaic Monday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday!

On Christmas Eve this year, my sister and I gave my aunt a framed family tree of 5 generations on her side. We did a lot of research via In return, we each got vintage tea cups that belonged to my Great-Grandmother Florence. It was a family-style Christmas! I love these cups. They're so dainty and delicate. Being careful, I've been drinking tea out of my pink one. Makes me feel like I'm back in the day, penning a letter to a friend at my writing desk. Pouring caramel colored tea from my silver tea pot. My house is slowly being filled with vintage items from my family. It makes it that much cozier!
Did you notice my reflection in the top picture? Hard to hide in a shiny tea pot!

(I've featured this one in my header recently)

(I love this aqua color)

Please visit Angela at Knick of Time for more vintage style!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mosaic Monday! February's Coming!

Yep, one of my favorite holidays is coming....Valentine's Day! I've learned it's (sadly) become a controversial holiday. People like to get their hackles up and complain about commercialism. Or that it's some Hallmark holiday. To me, it's a fun holiday about love, and silliness, and being sweet. Yes, we should all show our love and admiration daily, not just on this holiday. But I think it's fun to take a day to especially celebrate those relationships in our lives. (And I'm not just talking husbands or boyfriends!) I decorate my house in rich pinks and reds, I hand make valentines for family and friends. I bring candy to my coworkers and wear fuchsia on the 14th. This holiday makes me grin from ear to ear. And I can't wait till I can start decorating for it on the 1st!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now! (In 2012...)

Ringing in the New Year with my best friend, my sister! And some amazing colleagues.

Enjoying a December 31st rodeo! So Montanan!

Skiing here on January 1st. Moonlight Basin rocks!

The rocky landscape on the way home from Bozeman.

Gel manicures--my new obsession! Love them!

Killing time in the strangest locations while I wait to do my sampling visits.

Spending as much time as I can with good friends. One of my best friends left this week for Australia, but we bid adieu over glasses of Moscato by candlelight. Perfect!

What are you loving right now?

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