Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Roaring '20s Infatuation

I have long been in love with the 1920s era. Drop waists, short hair, beautiful art deco jewelry and art. The music, the dancing, the debauchery. I was in heaven with the movie Midnight in Paris! This Saturday, at a local mansion, a Gatsby-style gala is being held. My man will look like a gangster, and I his lady love.

An old '20s make-up ad
 There will be live music, gambling, dancing, and spirits! Period-clothing is required, 
so I am scrounging up my best flapper outfit as we speak. I can't wait!
I love those hair waves!
 What a wonderful night it will be, to pretend it's almost a 100 years ago, 
living it up. I can't wait to take part!

Art Deco is one of my favorite styles

The clothing looked chic AND comfortable!

I'll never get over the jewelry! I love the geometric shapes

I even have a tulip style hat to wear!

It makes me happy to see these old styles still pop up on runways :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Four Steps to Recovering Surgery

Ha, you'd think I didn't 'kick the flu' judging by my absence in blog land! I'll have to fill you in on my lovely Valentine's day, but right now I'm focusing on fully recovering from my latest surgery. My sweet mom posted about it the other day, and got some very lovely comments back wishing me well. Thanks! If you find yourself in the same situation ever--where they have to remove large screws from your jaw bone--here's the best recipe I've found for getting over it and getting on with life:

Step 1: Lots of fluffy TV. This means a Say Yes to the Dress Marathon. Nothing can put a crooked smile on a half-numb girl like Randy at Kleinfelds talking of satin, chiffon, silks and sashes. Swoon!

Step 2: Magazines in bed. Magazines are like candy to me. I could buy them all. I was treated to a new Real Simple magazine the other day and spent a lazy afternoon, cuddled under blankets, flipping through it. Nice and relaxing. And that glossy cover absorbs much less accidental drool than, say, a newspaper.

Step 3: Cake. Yep, if there's one thing I crave in my Perocet-laden haze, amidst tooth pain and stiff jaw, it's cake. White cake. Plain frosting. Easy to eat and soothing to the soul.

Step 4: The most important step. Have your Mom near by. She is the BEST nurse I've ever known. She picked me up from the doc's and drove me home to the Mommy hospital. I slept in the guest room with vomit-bin nearby, pain meds on the night stand, and stuffed animal cow to cuddle. She supplied me with lots of liquid foods and DVR'd all those wedding shows I mentioned above. And watched them with me. She cleaned my wounds, and cleared my mind. She makes this so much easier. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Four Steps to Kicking the Flu

They might not work for anyone, but these following steps got me through last week--which was rough!

1. HOT TUB! Nothing bakes out the germys quite like a good hot tub. I got to relax at my parents' house and enjoy theirs while they were on a winter vacation. Me and my rubber ducky lounged under the stars, near the snow drifts in 105 degrees of wonderful-ness. It shortens any illness I've ever had!

Ok, not my parents' hot tub....but this one sure is dreamy!

2. Faux fur blanket! Curl up, be warm, and feel fabulous. Though I had to drag this particular blanket away from my cat (which resulted in a few fights) it kept me cozy to sleep off that flu!

My favorite Black Friday purchase last year

3. Trashy TV! I turned my parents' TV to TLC and let it wash over me. Reality TV at it's weirdest and finest. My faves of course? Wedding shows! But in lieu of these, I pretty much watched whatever else came on. Sisterhood? Um, sure. Starter Wives Confidential? Weird....Toddlers & Tiaras?! I just wanna laugh at the absurdity!

4. Make yourself feel pretty! Amongst the mountain of tissues, the bags of cough drops and the sticky bottle of nyquil, I start to feel pretty unattractive. Nose turns red, hair just doesn't lay right, and it looks like I haven't slept in eons. My fix? New fingernails! Might sound silly but acrylics always make me feel a little classier so I threw on a new pair to transform my mood. Did the trick! Kept my mood up! :) (And they matched my bagel from yesterday morning. LOL)

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