Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Fragrant Visit

This hot afternoon I found myself in my Mom's backyard once more. The cat was in the house enjoying a midday treat and I was making the rounds checking on the potted plants. There are so many to keep track of! As I wander I make sure to pass the blooming rose bush at least eight times, inhaling their fragrance with a happy smile each time. All of her plants seem to be pleased with the sun and heat lately. It isn't long after I've gotten comfy that I hear "pick pick pick" on the screen door. Sam the cat wants out! Time to play! :) I know he enjoys the company while the folks are away. After he calmed and casually retreated to the shade I picked up the camera and went in search of some of my favorites. A few of these are shown below. Enjoy! (If you're not tired of my yard picts yet!!) :)

I love this old basket my Mom planted petunias in!

The color of this flower is wonderful, though I can't recall its name.

I love the colors of this glorius coleus!

One of those fragrant blooms just waking up!

Till next time!


  1. Those are wonderful pictures, and how could anyone ever tire of seeing flowers. Your Mom certainly has a green thumb. I'm sure she'll be happy to be back home after the refreshing vacation she and your Dad have had. She will see that everything was lovingly cared for, by you.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.


  2. Your dear mum is very lucky to have such a beautiful collection of flowers in her garden!


  3. Oh, everything looks so lush and happy! You did a great job caring for all my little flowers. Thank you so much. These picts are great too! LYS


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