Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Challenge: Reflection!

Another Photo Challenge Friday! This week's theme from RAZMATAZ was Reflection. As I figured out what to photograph my eye kept glancing at my stack of ash trays near the front door. I love these glass beauties. Am I smoker? No. I instead inherited them from my wonderful Grandmother years ago. I remember loving them as a child because the glass balls along the rims reminded me of beads on beautiful, jewel-toned necklaces. I now enjoy looking at them every day on my way out of the house as they reflect the sun coming through the window. :) Now that I've "reflected" on my past, here's my photo:

Have a great Friday everyone! And go visit all the other challenge participants!


  1. I have never seen ashtrays like that. I can see why you are drawn to them, they are lovley. I love the way you stacked them. They do look like beads. Very pretty.

  2. Pretty picture! Your Grandma would be soooo pleased you have them out to enjoy! LYS

  3. Charlotte - the colours blend so beautifully together!

  4. Count me in also as never having seen ones like this. They are lovely and your Mom is right. Your Grandma would be happy.

    BTW The t-shirt was from target but a few months back. If you're lucky you too can have "fairy lights" hehe


  5. I can see why you love it so much -- it's so pretty and unique :-) Love the rows of balls around the rim and the lovely colours :-)


  6. I would never have guessed those to be ashtrays! No wonder you keep them around for not just their beauty, but in rememberance of your grandmother. Love the picture.

  7. These are gorgeous. I love that these are from your grandma! So nostalgic.


  8. These are Candlewick Glass! Made by The Imperial Glass Co. in the 30's and 40's. You have a lovely complete set of stacking ashtrays, making them even more collectible! :) They are a form of Depression Glass. :)

    Love your photo!
    P.S. I also loved your post about Ramadan. That is so cool that he was willing to share with you. :) The Muslims that I work with are not as friendly. I think it is because they have their own group of folks that they hang with.


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