Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Butte Adventure Part 1

I warn you, this is a rambling post... :)

So my field season began on Monday. Me and the Highway back together again. Oh I do think it missed me! I sure missed the open road! Felt good to get back in the car, pick up some coffee, crank the tunes and just cruise. I was headed to Butte this week to finish training our newest employee before setting her free to sample for the winter on her own. She picked up all the skills very quickly and I think we've left Butte in good hands! I arrived in town and met up with my her and then loaded up her car and headed to the very first house of the sampling season. More nice folks! Hurray! The appointment went well and it was now time to go visit one of two grad student friends that I have in Butte. I was supposed to be staying the night with one of them. Hadn't heard from him in a few days though. Text him...nothing. Called is turned off. Hmmm. Called my other friend and asked "Where's Chris??" Her answer? "Utah." What?! So, apparently I was forgotten...time to get a hotel instead! My work office books me a room and I head off for dinner with the other grad student. We finished the meal with a shared piece of pumpkin pie. Mmm! We bid adieu and I walk back to my hotel. Back in the room I start to hear a lot of noise. Oh geez. The folks on the floor above me must have children. Heavy children. There's a real potential they actually have rhinos up there. Thump thump thump. (They must be running.) Thump thump thump. Hopefully they'll get tired and sit down. And then they do! To watch loud TV. I hear the murmur of the television through the ceiling. Oy...And then I hear the folks next door. I'm surrounded. I thought it was bad at home living next to the 21 year olds! I do my best to relax and decide to page through the hotel's guest book of activities and accommodations. Turns out I can't. Why? All the pages are glued together with some mysterious substance. Eew...Ok, put the book down. Go in the bathroom to brush my teeth. There's a goober in the sink. Eew. And a drink ring on the toilet tank. Eew. Dust....everywhere. When was this cleaned?! Ok, enough time in the bathroom. Let's try to sleep instead! It was so noisy in that place, and the bed not comfortable enough, that I didn't fall asleep till midnight! And then at 5 I woke up to rhinos. Rhinos running around all morning (and by the sounds of it moving and dropping every item they can find). Maybe I'll just doze...nope! The housekeepers are at work and they like to slam doors! At 8am! Awesome! So, fully awake, I go to make coffee, and? Coffee maker isn't clean. Eew... *hangs head* This isn't fun anymore! I head down and grab breakfast and make sure the front desk knows I'm NOT staying a second night. I try to work on my laptop at my desk but between the folks upstairs and the constant BANG! of the hall doors I give up. Enough is enough! And now comes the part I really hate. Complaining. I don't like to be that person. I tell the sweet receptionist that this was not a good stay. She looks at me like she's going to cry. I tell her everything that was wrong or icky. She immediately informs the head housekeeper. I was surprised! She then made a list of all my complaints to tell the staff. She then hands me a business card of the general manager and informs me I should call her and let her know. The entire time this lady is being as sweet as can be. She seems like she honestly wants to help! Whew! Felt good to not get glared at. Returned my room key and booked it back to my nice, clean, comfortable car. I should have slept in the parking lot instead! Ha ha! The time is now 11am. I have about 5 hours to kill. In Butte. My options are severely limited. What did I busy myself with? I'll share that in my next post! :)

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  1. LOL!! Good ole Butte. I guess I am not really surprised. Glad you made it home fine! May you not have to go back there for awhile. LYS

  2. How awful an experience to have to go through, at least even if they do not do anything to the yuk, you weren't made out to be the one in the wrong.

  3. That's what we're here listen to your ramblings, and whatever else you have to say (and show)! What an experience...I was wincing as I read it, I can only imagine how many winces you must have done. Thank heavens for the nice desk girl! :/


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