Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Challenge: Architecture

It's another Photo Challenge Friday!! I recently went to Butte (as you can see from my last two posts) and took some photos of the architecture there. That city is rich with cool, old, (and often haunted) buildings! :) What a perfect place to peruse before All Hallow's Eve!
Charles Clark Chateau & Museum

Copper Kings Mansion B&B

High Bay Window at the Copper King Mansion

Ironwork at the front entrance of the Clark Chateau. There are two
entrance doors beyond the iron, made of extremely heavy glass and wood.

Head on over to RAZMATAZ's blog to check out the other participants! Have a great, and safe, weekend!


  1. I pick the Charles Clark Chateau. May I have it please? : D



  2. I'm amazed you have resisted a 'There Butte for the grace of God' joke so far, Charlotte.

  3. What wonderfully "halloweenish" pictures. I especially like the white stairway and porch to the Cooper Kings B & B. So unique. Ann

  4. I like the bay window, see the lovely lace curtain showing it self by the stone detail.

  5. Butte-e-ful!
    It's kids call me a dork too.

  6. Butte America! Indeed they have some lovely old buildings. Those "copper" kings sure knew how to spend all their money. Love the pics! LYS

  7. Oooh, I love that high bay window especially!... Happy Halloween weekend to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. mwaahaahhaaa! These are perfect for the occasion and wonderful examples of the architecture of Butte. Love those copper kings!

  9. lovely architectural choices!! i love that iron work!
    have a good weekend,

  10. I found you thru my friend, The Boston Lady, then thru your Mom! We love Montana and will be moving there in a couple years, to Lakeside. So I will be following you!

  11. hey pretty, sorry been so absent lately! busy times over here, but just wanted to give you the good news, you won my giveaway! :)

    send me your address info!
    heather.yalin {at}

    happy halloween!

  12. Oh that turret is so lovely. And the slate roofs..... Beautiful shots.


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