Monday, October 4, 2010

Yep, It's Fall!

I walked to work today, coffee in hand, song in my head, enjoying a cool, crisp breeze. Leaves fluttered around me as they quickly evacuated their home trees. They're falling faster lately. A light fog draped herself sleepily on the mountain, reluctant to wake and head home. The sun is low, the river cold, the colors bright in the trees as the sun turns them to stained-glass. Was it Fall? Almost. But as I continued my steps toward work something caught my eye. On the side of the path. In the brown dirt, there lay, a bright piece of candy corn. All alone, dropped by a passer-by. I smiled and thought, "Yep, it's Fall!" Officially. Candy Corn Season. :) Mmmmm.


  1. I love fall, and I especially love candy corn!... wishing you a beautiful Autumn day... (sounds like you are having one!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. This is fabulous! Isn't it lovely to be able to walk to work? To live that close, and to do so with coffee and hand?

    And your spied candy corn is just like the spring cherry on the top of your morning! :) Candy corn is such a funny thing. I've never liked it, but at the same time there's something so deliciously nostalgic about it!

    Happy autumn!

  3. Candy corn is delicious isn't it. My American friend brought some back for us on a trip back home. Hope you are having a wonderful day, Tamara

  4. you can't eat just one.....



  5. We don't have candy corn over here - please send me some!?

  6. Oooo, yummy! I will take some Autumn Mix please. :) Very fallish today. Love it. LYS

  7. Hi Sweetie!!!!

    I love this post!!!! YES, it IS Fall and I'm loving every second of it :)
    I also loved the fact you walked to work cool!

    Montana is one of my dream states to visit. One day I'll get there!!!

    I wanted to thank you SO much for wishing me the sweetest of birthday wishes and for being a special part of my birthday month. I really appreciate it!!!!

    Hope you are having a great week and thank you for making me hungry for candy corn! haha

    Your photos are beautiful and I'm loving all of your photo challenges!!!! Fabulous!

  8. What a great post! Candy corn is always the perfect harbinger of fall!

    Kat :)

  9. You know how much I love fall...I really do!!! I love this post too. It's a sweet reminder (in more than one way) of the beauty found in each new season.

  10. mmmm two of my favourite things...candy...corn!
    Love your blog E. Charlotte...Montana is somewhere I dream of going to.

  11. Candy corn definitely signals the start of fall! If only it would bring some cool weather with it here!


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