Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greetings from Frozen Fairbanks!

Hello! My car is presently plugged in outside, a shiny white Malibu, nestled in the snow. I am presently putting my feet up, sipping coffee and waiting for a pizza. The temperature is currently 18 degrees, and the snow keeps coming. I don't mind a bit, gazing at it from my window high in my lovely hotel. What a place! They're all suites, so I have a sofa and all that too. It will be a very nice week. The sweet lady at the car rental desk today handed me keys and told me that my car may be slightly buried...and it isn't 4-wheel drive, and it needs to be plugged in...She seemed nervous. I told her I was from Montana. She laughed and said "Good! I get worried when we end up with folks from Texas or something that don't know how to drive in snow!" I unburied the car, loaded it full of three suitcases and headed to my new "home base." I was completely starved so I have ordered a pizza and will order a movie to go with it shortly. My trip has been good so far. The flights were nice, though the middle one was long. My seat mates were very kind, however, and I got a window to watch the mountains come in to view. As I flew out of Montana this morning, it was still dark and all the little lights below looked as though the valley was dressed in Christmas Lights. We rose above the clouds and were greeted soon by sun. Sun on a lumpy blanket of clouds that looked like a sheet of marshmallows. (I'm making myself hungry!) In Seattle, during my three hour lay-over, I met the sweetest waitress at Chili's in the airport. We chatted for awhile, before I was full up on toast, eggs and coffee. In Anchorage we had to wait for the airport staff to clear away all the slush that was blocking our plane from its gate. In Fairbanks? We taxied over snow that I didn't think planes could drive through. It has been a pleasant, albeit tiring day. After dinner comes sleep and after sleep comes a day all to myself in this white wonderland up North. What shall I do? Chena Hot Springs to soak or take a dog sled ride? North Pole, Alaska, where I can meet Santa and stroll the Christmas themed streets? Or maybe take in an IMAX film or do some shopping? (I could really use some better winter boots...) I'll figure out all those very difficult questions, later. For now it's back to relaxing. Ahhhh. :)


  1. oh my goodness...alaska!?!? i have always wanted to go there and now i can live vicariously through you! please keep us connected to the great up north! take care!

  2. I look forward to reading about your week in a part of the country most people never set foot on. Being in Florida, it seems almost impossible it is part of the same country. Tonight I will be watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, not because I am a fan of hers, but because I want to see more of that beautiful state. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Ann


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