Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Weekend in Snow

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I enjoyed my long weekend thoroughly and immersed myself in snow as often as I could. We got dumped on! And after last year's disappointing no-show of snow, this has been a blessing beyond measure. At least to me, and my family. There are definitely a lot of folks in this town cursing the white stuff right now, and adding not-so-happy comments to my snow-friendly Facebook statuses. LOL. Oh well! That's what you get for living in Montana! I don't even mind shoveling I'm so thankful that the flakes are falling! I've worked out a system anyway: When the snow falls, and I go skiing, I shovel the walk while my sis loads the truck full of ski gear. (I hate loading the truck.) Works out great! I spent some time on Friday (after resting from shopping) outside of town in some good cross-country terrain. Now, my sis and I don't have cross-country skis, but I have AT skis and she has a split snowboard so it still works. If you don't know what these are, here it is in a nutshell: AT skis are similar to cross-country skis because you can release the heel of your boot. You slap on some fuzzy "skins" the bottom of them and you can now ski uphill! Works pretty cool. I use them to access back-country snow where there aren't any ski lifts. My sister's split board is a snowboard with a seam down the middle. It actually comes apart! She then has skis like mine and has skins too.

Our gear for "cross country" skiing.

So off we went "shushing" as she says all over the snowy hills and valleys near my town. Then, after climbing a sizable hill we whipped off the skins and skied back down. My first turns of the winter! Wahoo! It was a great day to be outside!

My sister on our way up the hill in the backcountry

More snow fell over the weekend so we headed up to an established ski area on Sunday. Felt good to have a lift to use this time. LOL. We skied all day until we broke for a beer midway. After legs got tired from the slopes we hopped back in the car for a dark drive home. So many Christmas lights along the highway! It was a very festive end to the weekend. Hopefully the snow keeps falling here and we can all head back out to the slopes this coming weekend. Fingers crossed! :D
Lookin' like a ninja in my ski gear! :)

Stay tuned! I received an awesome giveaway in the mail from Chile! I can't wait to show you!


  1. Hi E Charlotte...looks like you and your sis had a wonderful time!... we have LOTS of snow here in Utah as well... and brrr!... is it ever cold outside!... Montana is gorgeous in the winter... thanks for sharing your pics, I miss visiting there... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Love the header! It's new, right? Looks like you and your sis had some great fun in the snow! It sure looks cold too-judging from your ninja outfit:-)

  3. Yeah for snow and skiing! Glad you had a good time. I hope you get to go with your sis sometime to Lost Trail. LYS

  4. Oh my goodness! It looks so gorgeous there! The hubs and I enjoy snow shoeing and this makes me want to get out there right now! And yes, you do look like a ninja! ha ha


  5. Hi E. Charlotte, you are a cute ninja in your ski gear. Glad you got snow. Thanks for visiting me. merry♥O

  6. looks like you had an awesome time! there's not here in toronto yet... i've been waiting patiently. i hope so soon! i love that cold stuff!


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