Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Day to Decorate

Today my sister found her collection of ornaments for the tree. She'd lost track of hers, so I had filled the tree with my own. Well, she added all of hers and now the tree is simply stuffed! I think we need more branches...It looks like a very happy tree though! :) With a vintage star on top, and a lot of memories tied to each little ornament. I've seen a lot of themed trees out in blog land, and I do love them, but my favorite theme? Family. Friends. Childhood. I have a themed tree in my bedroom, but the big one in the window will always showcase a mix of new and old, pastel and bright, glass and porcelain and construction paper (yep, we have a few we made in grade school that are up on the tree. Glitter and glue? Perfect!).

After my sister was almost done I heard her wandering the living room. What was she doing?! Getting creative. :) I found glass balls all over and she even wrapped our grapefruit plant with a popcorn garland and beads!

As I looked around I found them on our deer skull in the living room, our tropical plant in front of the fireplace and joined in on the fun by hanging them above the sofa too. Very festive indeed! And a lot of laughs to go with.

Today has been filled with house chores, playing with the cats, adding touches to the decor and general merry making, cookie baking and coffee drinking. Tonight? Decorating those cookies. They're in the shapes of dog sleds and huskies. (I got the cookie cutters in Alaska!) I'll let ya know how they come out!


  1. Sounds like sooo much fun! I love old~fashioned trees the very best, and of course the memories that go with them as well as the ornaments... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. You guys are just soooo much fun! Does my heart good. Your tree is lovely! And I am glad you cherish all the memories that your ornaments invoke. LYS

  3. Wow, I love you and your sisters style! Your tree and all the other decorations all over are really great! Trees that are decorated with memories are the BEST.

    The grey cat is your Mom's! One that I got in one of our several ornie swaps. I treasure her ornaments as well as the rest of those from those swaps.

    Have a lovely Christmas season.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Your Christmas tree and decorations are beautiful and fun.
    We will be in Lakeside for a white Christmas and can't wait!
    Hug from Florida!

  5. Your tree is good, best of all the memories and the fun you two are having now.
    Yes, please do remember to show those huskies

  6. Your tree is wonderful. I love a tree with keepsakes and ornaments that have meaning.
    Looks like you and your sister had a fun time decorating all around. Everything is perfect.
    Enjoy the season and have a special Christmas.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie


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