Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Gift from Australia!

I must tell you all about my special package from Australia! I recently participated in a giveaway at Shabby Vintage Junk, one of my favorite blogs written by the sweetest lady! Well, I won! She had eight winners, and I was one of the lucky few. She did not reveal to us what our special item would be, so it was even more of a surprise. My package arrived the day before Christmas Eve! Perfect! I was at first confused when I picked up the cardboard box off my step, then saw where it had come from and started to bounce! I opened the box to find a Christmas paper wrapped box and a card. (I just loved the type of ribbon she used too. It's the kind with the little rib texture on it that I remember curling as a kid. Not that shiny stuff! Small pleasures...he he he)

I opened up the card and placed the gift under the tree. I was going to wait till Christmas! The card was an adorable Santa with a wonderful sentiment inside. One of my fave parts? The back of it which reads "Made in Australia." Probably not a big deal for her, but it was a fun little reminder to me that my gift was extra special and from the other side of the globe.

I placed it proudly on my little mantle beside my other cards I received this year.

Upon Christmas, I got to open that shiny silver package. Inside, was a red, vintage tool box. It was an old metal, socket-set box, now quite distressed and quite charming!

I loved it! It's bright red color worked great with my holiday decor at the time, and now that most of the Christmas has been packed away, the little red box remains in one of my vignettes.

I just loved the worn description on the inside! What a cool item! I am mighty pleased and smiley!

Thank you so much Tamarah for your generous giveaway! I am so excited to get something all the way from Australia! :)

And to all you other bloggers, head on over to Tamarah's blog. She has a delightful site and is the queen of vintage!


  1. Cool gift! And so many things you can do with it! And I love your hip and sparkly blog design. So very New Year's! LYS

  2. Kewl!

    Thank you for leaving such a profund and inspiring commment on my blog. I like how you said there's so much you can do with an empty room. I didn't think about it that way, so, thanks again for such inspiring words!!

    Hugs and happy new year!!

  3. what a lovely surprise! have you thought of a use for that awesome tin yet?

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)


  4. Vintage things like this make me wonder about the previous hands that it's been through, the lives it's been part of. What a neat win!

  5. WOOHOO....I'm SO glad it arrived safe & sound & before Christmas to boot.... :o) !!

    Oh YES....It means a LOT to me....You see we don't manufacture much in Australia anymore....Even our souvenirs are made in China....A CONSTANT source of irritation & embarrassment just quietly....So....When I come across vintage stuff made here I snap it up quick smart....I'm THRILLED it meant something to you too....!!

    Here's hoping 2011 is EVERYTHING you wish for....I can't WAIT to share it with you....!!

    Cheers for now Lovey,
    Tamarah xxx


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