Thursday, December 23, 2010

What I'm Celebrating

I rolled home on Tuesday, from a long day on the highway, under the biggest, most yellow moon I had ever seen. I had to concentrate extra hard on the road so I didn't distract myself into a deer at it's sheer beauty. 'Twas the Solstice, and I couldn't imagine a better way to ring it in. Hours and hours earlier you would have found me chilly, in pajamas watching the eclipse of that very big yellow moon the morning before. My sister and I watched fondly as it slowly felt our shadow and then turned red. An article somewhere said that it's red because "the moon is seeing every sunrise and sunset on the Earth all at once." I liked that image. When I tucked myself in that night I was thankful I stayed up to see it. I think it was thankful I stayed up too. Its own little show for us Earthly viewers.

I have been thankful for a lot lately. I have been enjoying this special season for a lot of reasons too. Some folks struggle this time of year with how others celebrate the holidays. Some seem to struggle when they can't celebrate it exactly as they want. All I've got to say is that Christmas is what you make it. With decor, or none, with joy or none. It's up to you how you want it to pan out. There's folks out there with a lot less than me, that are just as happy and there are folks out there with a lot more than me who are very much not. My family has always felt the warmth and joy of this season. My parents were clever and savvy when they were newly married, making their own ornaments and cards. When us kids came along we were crafty and creative. The holidays were fun and exciting, and most of all full of surprises. Our family always finds cute ways to surprise one another. (My favorite this year? My mother sneaking into my house to leave the most hilarious topper on our tree.) That's what this season is about for me, what Christmas really means. It means family, and fun, and trees and lights, giving and caring, and finding the magic. It's making everyone around me smile, whether it's wishing someone on the street Merry Christmas, or bringing donuts to folks in the hospital. On the other end of things, to me, it's also about a very brave young woman who gave birth to an amazing boy who grew up always putting Good first. And that's worth celebrating. Even if you're not religious, that story and that idea alone is worth a nod and a raise of a glass. There needs to be more people on this earth that put that kind of goodness first.

I hope you are all enjoying your own reasons for the season. They are all correct and right and worthy. And most wonderfully: different for each person. :) Merry Christmas Eve Eve, folks! :)


  1. I just love reading your posts! Merry Christmas dear!

    PS. You were right about making something for someone putting me in the spirit! I only made one little Christmas card and instantly felt better!

  2. You do your parents proud.:) I like this: put goodness first. The only way to live. And yes we all need to find a little magic, like "boats" and sock reindeers. Merry Christmas Eve Eve! LYS

  3. Wishing you and yours a fantastic Christmas and a safe and relaxing holiday, Tamara x

  4. Sweet Charlotte,
    Your posts always have such depth and are truly inspiring! I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! Thank you also for being a Super blog friend:-)

  5. What a beautiful and heartfelt post! You definitely have the spirit of Christmas!! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  6. Merry Montana Christmas. Thanks for your post.


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