Thursday, January 27, 2011

Randoms from the Week

It's been a busy week, and I have had little time to blog or even comment on your blogs out there. Hopefully I can now get to reading! Here is a smattering of random photos from lately to illustrate a few things that have been going on around here.

I did a lot of driving this week---as always. My families were awkward ones this time around though so the week has seemed to drag on. Not my easiest lot of subjects. The weather was lovely though and the roads were dry and clear. Few deer dotted the fields and the sun shone most days. I grinned as I sped down the highway. Lots of cows to greet me as I drove those backroads this week too. Oh how I love them!

Field after field, now with its snow melted, smelled of Spring. I do not mind if more snow falls, but I also do not mind if the green stuff starts growing and the air warms. I will take either happily.

My sister and I have been planning a big ski weekend soon. I'm so excited to get away! A few weekends ago we went out with my Dad. Here is my cat looking over our gear before we left. :) I look forward to heading out again.

I decorated my mantel with re-used Christmas ornaments for this month of January. I liked all the bright color for the New Year. Quite soon it will be changed out for the colors of Valentine's Day. I love switching stuff out each month.

My happy little rocking chair. I've been cuddling up in places like this around the house as I motor through Jane Eyre. With the new movie coming out I am revisiting the story. I love it! (And Mr. Rochester in the movie is a fox! Mmm!) Notice my illuminated grapefruit plant. Once the Christmas tree came down we missed the glow, so I strung lights on this little guy to surprise my sister. :)

Speaking of that grapefruit, it has started to flower. Oy! It flowers twice a year and it makes me so allergic! The blooms have exploded on this plant, and even though my eyes itch and I can't stop sneezing they smell AMAZING. It produces this smell like Summer and rain and all that is good. So I have left the blossoms. :) I can't help it!

Those are a few tidbits from my strange week. I will now try to catch up on comments and go read what you all have been up to!


  1. Hi E Charlotte, beautiful photos as always... love to hear that the fields will soon be greening up, I am so ready for Spring... I also love your cozy corner for snuggling up and reading... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. What a great corner to read in! Glad the old rocker is getting some rocking time again. LYS

  3. out of all these pics, your skiing gear caught my eye ;) sooo jealous! i went over the holidays and loved it!! have fun!!

  4. I had to smile at the photo of the cows - brings me back to my growing up days in IA on our farm - we have no shortage of them in MT! Your rocking chair corner looks very inviting and a wonderful place to rock and relax after your work days!

  5. I agree with Kristen that skiing gear looks like a blast and a tiny bit jealous as well!!! ; ) HAVE FUN!

  6. Love those photos especially the one with fairy lights:) So so so pretty! Happy day, darling

  7. I just love popping over here, even for a 'strange week' post! You let me dream about visiting Montana, something I've always wanted to do!
    Thank you


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