Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feelin' Western

Lately I've been eager for the snow to subside and Spring to come. Mostly, because when the ice leaves I get to start my horseback riding lessons. A family I met through my study is offering to teach me and I can't wait! Right now the trails are still too slick to give it a go. Darn! I am already armed with cowboy boots, wranglers and cowboy hat. Back it up with some Montana-bred, cowgirl, confidence and I should be a rider in no time! I found a Canadian series on the CW this weekend called Heartland that I fell in love with. Sort of Gossip Girl meets the ranch. LOL. Fluffy drama about horseback riders and rodeos. I'm totally eating it up! My pipe dream is to be a barrel racer so I'm gonna keep on dreaming. It could still happen, right? So, until then I'll keep cranking my country music, and looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days. It's gonna be an awesome Spring! Yee haw!

My boots, me as a little kid loving the Cowgirl look, my favorite hat, and me at the county fair during high school. Gotta love the perm in that one!


  1. Hi E Charlotte... I am a country girl too and LOVE your hat and boots!... how fun you are going to learn to ride, I used to ride my aunts horses many years ago in Santa Fe... you look adorable with your curls... and I too love country music, the best!...xoxo Julie Marie PS I just know your dream will come true...

  2. Ya just gotta love that second picture! My little cowgirl. Giddy up! LYS

  3. Oh look at you as a child-these pics are too cute! How exciting to have horseback riding lessons! Yes, i'm so ready for spring too:-)

  4. Ah there is nothing better than boots! Stay warm!


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