Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Fun, Festive Weekend!

Friday afternoon rolled around and I had to turn in my old work laptop for a new one. I wouldn't get the new one till Monday though, so I sat at my desk and tried to get creative as to what I could fill the day with sans computer. I cleaned out the drawers to my desk and straightened my half of the lab. Now what? At 1pm I hollered to my lab mate that I was calling it a day. Most everyone else had already left, so why not me? My colleague agreed with the reasoning and we decided to walk home together. As we walked and chatted we couldn't help but notice the enticing scent of one of our local breweries. Time for a beer? Of course! We sipped and chatted more and afterward headed to a bakery so I could get my hands on a cupcake. I had a craving! It was a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. Once home, I baked a cake and waited impatiently for my sister to show. My mother had been a sneaky little cupid and left us two gift bags on the kitchen counter. I can never open mine without my sister opening hers so I had to wait! Not fair! She finally came home and we looked through the bags. What an assortment of goodies! Candy, some novelties and two hand-made clay hearts. Oh I loved them! Giddy, I went to bed and on Saturday morning I woke refreshed and did a few Valentine's crafts over coffee. One of my Valentine's gifts was a kit for building a little foam house. It was just the kind of silly fun I was looking for to channel my inner child. After the house was done I headed to lunch and a jewelry party with my best friend and then a little shopping was in order. That evening my sister and I headed downtown for a winter brew fest. There's a bit of a beer theme to this weekend I'm noticing...It was a perfect event for people-watching and we tried some amazing brews. After that night of sleeping like a rock, I awoke today and busied myself with my scrapbook supplies to make a few heart-felt valentines. I also bought a box of school valentines to anonymously leave for all my coworkers. (I'll sneak back to work tonight and leave them on their desks!) My sister worked today and left me the house. So quiet! I cleaned and crafted, crafted and cleaned. The place now smells like glue and pinesol. :)It was warm today and as the snow melted I felt like pretending it was summer for an afternoon. I cooked up hot dogs and found some chips and made myself a picnic. I just now painted my nails red and watched an episode of Glee. And now the sun is setting, the house is getting cozy and I am enjoying the company of my furry feline. It has been a pleasant, and very Valentines, weekend over here. I've loved every minute!


  1. I love all your old fashioned valentines on the side of the blog. Too adorable. I enjoy a cold one myself every now and then! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Oh so happy you loved all the stuff in your fancy bag! I had fun picking it all out and making the clay tags. Happy Valentine's Day! LYS

  3. Wow! What a great weekend - I really did enjoy reading about it, and am imagining the reaction of your co-workers now! Did you know that in Europe Valentine's Day is pretty much confined to lovers only? I think we realise that it's different in the US, but basically, you can only send one Valentine or it looks like you're unfaithful! So Ben and I gave each other some presents and I baked the boys a heart-decorated pie yesterday, but that's as far as it goes.

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  4. Sounds wonderful! Love the monkey!


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