Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Fabulous Day for a Drive

Oh what a drive down the highway yesterday! The wind threw everything into a frenzy, but the sun stayed strong and lit all those golden fields on fire! Figuratively. :) The only things burning down the valley were slash piles. Lacey, blue plumes rising over the tree line before a gust of wind would scatter the smoke. I drove in sunshine, and watched a bald eagle soar high above the road. Then the sky turned black and I entered a fog and the snow came down. It dropped 7 degrees in a matter of feet. In a heartbeat. 10 miles later it was warm and dry and spring again. My favorite phenomenon greeted me on the way home; where the sun turns the foreground orange and yellow, but the next storm is velvety purple on the horizon behind the mountains. The contrast between sun and shadow, yellow and blue is astonishing. It makes me smile. I tried taking photos as I drove, but of course was watching the road so they're a little funny. I like taking "road photos," camera phone pointed vaguely at the scenery, button pushed without looking at the camera, driver hoping it was in focus but too busy going 75 mph to actually care. By the end of the trip I checked my phone and laughed at the photos. Half of them were crooked, out of focus or contained mostly an image of the inside of my car. Ha ha! A few gave the impression of the day though, and I share those below. It was a fabulous day for a drive.

Cliffs catching the sunlight as evening came on.

One of the distant snow storms looming, covering all semblance of mountains.

Ah, there's the mountains in the distance! The storm is on the move.

And interesting mix of architecture styles on a street in Butte.


  1. Your second picture just stopped me in my tracks. I love moody skies and I love the way all the lines converge to the same dot on the right hand side of the picture.
    I may well be writing soon to ask your permission to show that one!
    Thank you for making me dream of your wild open spaces

  2. Oh what great photos of our state. The views out there are incredible. #2 is so cool! LYS


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