Monday, May 2, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Bloomsday 2011

The first weekend in May always means Bloomsday in Spokane, WA. Our family of four loads into the car and head across the states to enjoy two fun-packed days in the city. We always take in an IMAX movie, visit our favorite bookstore Auntie's, and shop at Boo Radley's and Atticus. Two amazing stores. We eat well at the Olive Garden and rest our heads at the Davenport Hotel. On our second day my Dad and I run the footrace, among 51,000 other participants. Brightly colored and eager to run, we all pack into the downtown streets at 9am in the chilly morning. 7.46 miles later, you pick up your race t-shirt and greet the rest of the family for celebration. This year was sunny with clear, blue skies. My father always finishes with an astonishingly quick time. Me? Not as impressive this year! But for not training any I did pretty darn good. We'll see how good I can get before next year!

Mom and I at Sunday breakfast, sleepy.
The Hall of the Doges in the Davenport Hotel.
Duck and Goose friends in Riverfront Park.
The family looking at Spokane Falls.

Mom and the clock tower in Riverfront Park.
Sister and I after touring the race trade show.
Me in our luxurious safari chair in the hotel.
Huge chandelier in the Marie Antoinette hotel ballroom.


  1. ooh fun! we want to get up north some time soon too!

  2. What great photos from a great weekend! I always look forward to this trip each year. We seem to do the same things each year, but they are always different. Love it! LYS


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