Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fair Day 1: Return to Childhood

My first day at this year's county fair was like a page out of my childhood. A good friend of mine (who I've known since elementary school) joined me as we spent six hours among the fun chaos.

We rode rides like we were in high school, going on as many as we could till we started feeling sick. (Which happens a lot sooner the older you get!) To cool down we'd drink root beer floats and play bingo.

We pet the sheep and wandered among the cows, pointed at huge rabbits and fluffy chickens. My favorite part? When he won me a prize from a carnival game. Because no one ever had before!

We had a great time people watching and ended the night piled high with cotton candy, vikings, tater pigs and fry bread. Mmm! What a delightful day!


  1. Your day sounded perfect and he was the perfect friend to go with. So glad you had such an awesome day! LYS


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