Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glacier Dreaming & August Skiing

My sister and I drove up to Glacier this last weekend to enjoy the scenery...and ski! Not too much snow remains, but still more than usual! We slept in the back of her truck, AKA the Party Wagon, and got up early on Saturday to high-tail it to Logan Pass for a parking spot. Success!

In the early sun we ate breakfast and enjoyed fresh coffee before loading our bags. I always forget how wide I am with skis AND boots attached to my backpack! We hiked up the boardwalk over the tundra like all the other tourists, but as soon as we got to snow we hopped off and hiked away from the masses. People thought we were so odd!

We got in a few turns on summer snow and enjoyed a light lunch above the valley. We saw bighorn sheep, a wolverine and a mountain goat. We shared our space with very few other hikers/skiers and the quiet and solitude was amazing. That park is definitely the "jewel of the continent" and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have it in my backyard. :)


  1. What an incredible experience. Our snow here disappears around April (because our mountains are not so high, I guess, but we are further south, too). I've never seen more than a tiny patch of snow in August. Thanks for sharing those incredible images and for your story too.

  2. I envy you your adventure. Nothing like Glacier in the Summer. You and your sis make me smile. :) LYS

  3. This sounds absolutely lovely! My summer has been rather homebound. I miss getting out like this, but I guess it's for a good cause :)


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