Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quite delighted...

Oh today has been full of the good stuff. I'm sitting in a quiet lab, finishing up the loose ends of the work day with a paper strand of candy dots. Got to see Mom today and am going home to good friends and a cold beer. Wore a new flouncy scarf around my neck, beckoning the Fall weather as best I can. It smells of my favorite shop in Oregon. Having it near my heart has filled my day with that sea-side escape. I can breathe in and taste the salt, feel the sand.

Halfway to the weekend, but in no hurry to get there. I'm letting the week flow on like the lazy river it is. I have huckleberry coffee to look forward to every morning, and a soft front lawn to sprawl on in the evening. Even with the smoky orange haze of sky, I don't mind. Looks like the world has been dipped in cider.

I can't stop thinking about Autumn. The ruby season, about to stain the town in red and gold and wrap us in down sweaters and closed-toed shoes. I'm already planning my second annual pumpkin carving party. I'll try not to rush it, but the season will definitely be welcomed with open arms when it arrives; Drops its bags, like leaves, and gets comfy.


  1. Hello E. Charlotte... ooh, I loved this post!... Autumn is my very favorite time of year too and you describe it perfectly!... your scarf sounds so pretty, and some hot coffee would be nice right now... enjoy your daydreams about Autumn which will soon really be here... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Such a nice way to put it! With this hot week, I certainly want some cooler fall temps. Three cheers for orange, red and yellow! LYS

  3. Oh, this is a lovely, poetical post. I wish my preinter worked - I think I'll just have to bite the bullet and copy out some of your ideas by hand, because I want to hold onto them! Thanks for these thoughts about autumn.

  4. PS Could I quote you if I do an Autumn post, please?

    PPS I just accidentally wrote my request to quote you on the wrong blog (I had a few open) and guess where I wrote it - your mum's blog! Quite a coincidence, I think.


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