Saturday, October 1, 2011

An October Rhyme

The night is crisp, but weather: fair.
(Each cat atop her favorite chair.)
While Ella swoons, and Nat King croons,
I’m busy cleaning plates and spoons.
An empty house, with room to think.
Tonight there’s spirits in my drink.
The bats are out, and too the gourds,
And mice are roving by in hoards.
For after all the chores today,
I’ve decked the house in black and grey.
Orange pumpkins, gauzy lace,
Every spider in its place.
Over coffee, over rum,
List’ning as the breezes hum,
Sewed new drapes, and swept the stairs,
Rid the house of dust and cares.
For this month, now dressed to please,
My home’s prepared for Hallows Eve.

1 comment:

  1. Just wonderful! Love your rhyme and your pics look lovely as does your house. LYS


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