Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rednesday! The Sacred Planner

I cannot navigate life without some good list making, and I can't make it through the holidays without my trusty planner. Almost a year old now this little life-saver comes everywhere with me. Parties are planned in its pages. Work schedules are penned. Birthdays are remembered, and holidays are organized. With a crazy highway field season in the winter, and some big-deal holidays, I definitely need to stay on top! This wee beauty helps get the job done! My favorite red item. :)

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  1. I use a planner, too! I buy the pages with a little more room to write and keep a journal that I write in every day! My organizer is black though....not a pretty red like yours! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  2. Oh my..I'm loving your's...I'm a list maker. I've been making inspirational journals and have two that I use. One is for chores, appointments and whatever else..and the other is my journal where I write my thoughts...Thanks so much for sharing..Blessings to you and yours.

  3. I make lists, and notes and scribbles, too. But alas, all on the backs of envelopes, napkins, and gum wrappers! (I lose some great ideas that way!) But I vow to do better next year, your cute little red planner has inspired me!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays,


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