Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knick of Time Tuesday!

On Christmas Eve this year, my sister and I gave my aunt a framed family tree of 5 generations on her side. We did a lot of research via Ancestry.com. In return, we each got vintage tea cups that belonged to my Great-Grandmother Florence. It was a family-style Christmas! I love these cups. They're so dainty and delicate. Being careful, I've been drinking tea out of my pink one. Makes me feel like I'm back in the day, penning a letter to a friend at my writing desk. Pouring caramel colored tea from my silver tea pot. My house is slowly being filled with vintage items from my family. It makes it that much cozier!
Did you notice my reflection in the top picture? Hard to hide in a shiny tea pot!

(I've featured this one in my header recently)

(I love this aqua color)

Please visit Angela at Knick of Time for more vintage style!

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  1. These were such a lovely and thoughtful gift for sure. I love our two also. I am going to put them on a corner shelf I got from Grandma up in the guest room. Enjoy your tea! LYS


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