Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Month of Love: Day 1

February first! Rabbit Rabbit!
I adore this month. It means half of my world is still blanketed in snow (and the skiing is good) but that Spring is getting close too. I get to decorate for Valentine's Day and indulge others in fun surprises. February always makes me smile. I will be sharing something I love, cherish, adore or swoon over every day this month. (Or at least I'll try!) First up?

Romantic (period) movies.

Maybe this is because I just got done watching Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. Featuring the 1920s (and a little of the 1890s) I just couldn't get over the fashion and the sensuality. The smoky eyes, crazy hair, fabulous clothing. How did they make loose dresses like that look so sexy??

Kate & Leopold. Another absolute favorite. Can't beat the mid 1800s for fashion and elegance. I love this quirky movie.

Jane Eyre. Classic! So mysterious and dark and beautiful. I get carried away by this story.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights? I'm including this one too! I adore this movie, and the vintage portrayal of Cuba. So exciting and on fire!

What are your fave movies this month?

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  1. So far am loving Downton Abbey, not a movie, but so very romantic. LYS


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