Friday, February 10, 2012

Month of Love: Day 10

My Mom! She surprised my sister and I with sweet surprises for Valentine's this week. A new fleece throw and pillow to decorate my room with. New knee-high holiday socks (I can't get enough of these!), decadent chocolates from my Dad, vintage style candy from my Mom. Even a little spending $$. No fail, my family comes through each holiday. I don't think I've ever received anything for Valentine's Day outside of the family. I can always count on them. And I like to surprise them right back!


  1. awww, those are cute! you have a wonderful mom:-)

  2. You are easy to spoil! Cause you are a wonderful person and daughter. Enjoy! LYS

  3. Nothing like family is there, your socks are cute; Thank you for coming by to visit. i'm a new follower and will back to hear more about your Montana adventures!


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