Monday, February 13, 2012

Month of Love: Day 13

My sister!
She's my best friend and is leaving for a trip tomorrow morning. I'll take her to the airport, hug her, cry and then head home to a lonely two weeks wondering what she's up to. She's heading out of the country, so communication will be sparse. It will be an amazing adventure for her, but I am going to miss her so much! I forget how often we talk, how much we see each other, and to not have that for the next couple weeks will be hard! She'll definitely come back with fun stories to tell though. Hopefully I can keep myself entertained while she's gone. (I'll at least get a lot of cleaning done!)

I'm linking to Mosaic Monday today at Little Red House! Go visit for other great mosaics!


  1. My two loves! Yes, it will be hard to have her gone for sure. But the time will fly by and I can't wait to hear all her great stories! LYS

  2. Aww..that is such a sweet post and I love those photos:) Have a fantastic day. xo


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