Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Leprechaun Came By!

My sweet mom surprised my sister and I with St. Patrick's Day goodies yesterday. I love these little seasonal gifts. This year we were rewarded with tiaras and chapstick, fancy socks, peeps and a mug of sixlets.. (Mmm!) We even got a little of the REAL green stuff. ;) Drinking money! Or maybe grocery money. We'll see. :) I love my personal leprechaun!


  1. I love those wee green people...

  2. LOL!! You are very welcome! I just love finding little things for you to celebrate with. Holidays are to be celebrated! LYS

  3. How fun!... your mom is just too cute!... I didn't know they made green Peeps!... will have to look for some, I LOVE Peeps!... xoxo Julie Marie


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