Friday, April 20, 2012

Wonderful, strange, art

I like a good evening of bizarre art and even-more interesting people. Both can be found in excess when our Missoula Art Museum hosts an Artini Thursday. Signature martinis clink while folks browse the galleries to the tunes of a live band and amongst the dance troupes that come. This month's event was more entertaining than most due to being highly interactive. The art was created by carving wood in relief and then using these "stamps" to apply ink to paper or fabric. The work was fascinating. The artist was fun and humble. A photographer captured photos of folks in silly hats from the artist and downstairs you could have your own shirt printed with one of these funky designs. Modern Bluegrass-y tunes filled the space from the band the Best Westerners (love that name!) and ladies in bright colors and bare feet flitted around between their dance numbers. The place was packed. From curly mustached gentlemen to little kids fascinated by the scene. My sister and I just grinned and held up our masks and laughed. (The first 100 in the door got them free!) Best way to end a night like this? A visit to my friend's new empanada shop around the corner. Mmm mmm mmm!

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