Saturday, July 7, 2012

Glacier for the 4th

My sister and I escaped town on the 3rd to get in some midnight skiing up Logan Pass in Glacier Nat'l Park. There would be a full moon and lots of snow left. Well, there certainly was a lot of snow (some even falling from the sky with the rain), but the skies wouldn't clear, and the winds were topping out over 60mph. After huddling in her truck/our camper for awhile (and being rocked back and forth like we were in a boat) we decided to seek lower ground. We drove further down the pass and stopped next to St. Mary's lake. Surprisingly the wind down there was just as bad! Oh well. We awoke as the sun was cresting the horizon around 4:45am, and then I woke again to beautiful alpenglow at 6. Then we woke again at 8:15, but this time to a park ranger! Whoops! We were caught. She let us off with a warning at least....he he he. No skiing was to be had with the weather, so we headed back home, stopping at Big Fork's 4th of July parade on the way. Such American spirit! We returned home, donned our red, white and blue and headed to the parents' house. Ribs, watermelon, cake and strawberries! Yum! We lit fireworks and ran around like kids. Turned out to be a pretty darn good holiday.

The following pics are a little out of order, but you get the idea. :)

Wind-blown St. Mary's Lake

6am Alpenglow
An orchard on Flathead Lake

Sister and I being silly with our "punks"
Flags everywhere
Big Fork Parade

Fields on our way up to Glacier
Glacier Nat'l Park!


  1. You and your sis are always coming up with such adventuresome plans! Love your photos and it was such fun to have you guys come for dinner and works! LYS

  2. Yay for blogging buddies! I love it! You take some sweet photos! <3


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