Sunday, September 9, 2012

Laughter is Very Good Medicine

Even if it hurts to laugh! Hard to injure the jaw and still try to giggle. :) Worth it though! My family keeps me in stitches (no pun intended) most of the time, but I've also been visited by a very good friend the last two weeks. He's on tour with How to Train Your Dragon's arena show and only can come home and visit every few months. I have known this man for 21 years! We've gone to all the same schools and shared a lot of the same friends through all those years. We made the most of his two weeks here, even though I was a bit limited from surgery. We had campfires and lots of wine, visited our favorite haunts in town, delighted in fancy dinners and dancing. We talked all hours of the night, until my jaw was too sore to go on. :) He is a truly wonderful friend who has taken very good care of me through my surgery both being near and far. As the years go on, and my good friends get less in number, I'm left with a few golden, kindred spirits and he is one of them. I'm a very lucky girl!


  1. Sooo good to hear from you E Charlotte!... hope your mouth and jaw are not too sore... how nice to have such a wonderful friend to spend quality time with... hope you are enjoying the beginning of a beautiful Autumn!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. He is definitly a keeper. I will always remember your face in the hospital when his flowers arrived. He was there thru a very hard time. I will always be grateful for that. :) LYS

  3. Hi E. Charlotte,
    So nice to see you and thank you for stopping by. I wish you a quick recovery from your jaw surgery and less pain along the way. I am sure it is great to spend time with a dear friend. The best meds!!
    Happy Fall and big hugs, CM


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