Monday, September 24, 2012

My Friend's Kickstarter Project! Please check it out!

Years ago this young student, Jesse, joined the lab I was working in one summer. He was pretty cool and we've thankfully kept in touch since then! He has always been an inspiration with his world travel, amazing outdoors-man skills, and more recently his filming. This guy knows what he's doing! Specializing in time lapse and areal imagery, his film techniques are breathtaking, and he's started Spaulding International Cinema. It has been a hoot watching him become this amazing professional, and seeing what videos and images he'll present next.
A gorgeous photo from Jesse
His latest project is a pilot episode for a series him and his girlfriend (now fiance!!) are putting together about the history of hunting: Hot on the Trail. (And not just your Montana style elk hunts. We're talking all over the globe, the history of and the cultural ties to this endeavor.) Pretty cool, huh? I'm excited!

Photo published by High Contrast Review. Aren't they adorable? If you're wondering what they're sweatshirts say it's "SIC," Spaulding International Cinema

Their Facebook page is continually updated with information about the series: Hot on the Trail

Of course, beautiful projects like these require some funding, which is why he's set up a Kickstarter account to try and garner enough dough to get them off and running. Please check out their sneak peek video and consider donating some funds. Every little bit counts! So it doesn't matter how big or small. They only have a few days left to gather their donations from this site. It's all or nothing, so they need all the people they can get!

This is the Kickstarter page to donate: Hot on the Trail Kickstarter!

Thanks for your consideration with this worthwhile film project from MT. :)

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  1. Hi E. Charlotte, Wow he sounds like an amazing talent with great project ideas. The pics you share are great. I imagine it has been wonderful to see his talent grow.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Happy Fall.
    Hugs, CM


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