Monday, October 1, 2012

Anti-itch Cast Remedy!

My sister recently ended up in a cast due to an unfortunate accident in Costa Rica this last year. There's more to that story for sure, but that's hers to tell. ;) Either way, she came home a few weeks ago with a bright blue, water proof cast on her arm. Wasn't too terrible until it started to itch. You could find her with a chopstick wedged halfway into the material hoping for some relief! I did some research and on another very old blog (she hasn't updated in years) I found an answer. Cetaphil!

This is a type of gentle cleanser you can find most places like Walgreens. It is designed so that it does not have to be washed off the skin. That's the key! The light residue kills the itch! All excited, we went and bought a bottle from our neighborhood grocery and got to work. We dribbled some of it down the cast and washed it the rest of the way with the shower head. We let the water run through the end a little and then stopped rinsing. We wanted to leave some in there! Guess what? No more itching! The chopstick went away and she's been much happier since.

The other day she warned of what happens when you put too much in oozes through the cast! She had a slightly embarrassing day at work trying to control the soapy, goo that was emanating from her right arm. Whoops! At least it smelled good!

So, if you know someone with an itchy cast, have them try the Cetaphil idea! It's the only remedy we've found that works. Just don't use too much! ;)


  1. That is so cool! Great idea. Your blog looks great and so festive. LYS

  2. Hi E. Charlotte, This is a great tip. So glad your sister is getting some relief from the itching. I actually use this for skin care too when washing my face. It is wonderful for a clear and clean complexion. Thanks for sharing.
    Love your blog header.
    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    XO CM

  3. WOW!!Thats really very nice idea.Thanks for sharing.

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