Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Cat!

Yep, this weekend my sister and I welcomed a new fuzzy friend into our lives. Meet Petzl! After looking at many cats in the local shelters my sister fell in love with this little tortoise shell. She's 2 years old and spunky. So much fun already! We've begun the slow process of introducing her to my cat who already lives here. Hopefully they'll become fast friends!

Sister plays with Petzl before we fill out paperwork at the Humane Society

I'm hoping my little snow queen will be good friends with her new 'sister!'

Might ask why the name Petzl? Well our little fuzzball loves to climb and leap. Reminded me of this company: PETZL, who's motto is "for the vertical world." She's definitely our cat for the vertical world!

Felt really good leaving the Humane Society with everyone smiling and saying "congratulations!" I loved carrying that little cardboard box out the front door knowing that this sweet little kitty had found her forever home.

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  1. Yay! For a brand new grand kitty for me. You know that name is going to have me always confused, so let's cut to the chase and let's just say that Grandma calls her Pretzel....LOL


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