Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Excitement

I get so excited this time of year! Valentine's Day is coming, and it means I get to switch out all the decor in my home for fun pinks, reds and mauves; hearts, flowers and glitter. I have always adored this holiday since I was little. Since tiny valentines were put into tiny boxes at school parties. Since my Dad would buy me a heart of chocolates every single year. Since I felt like I always had a valentine (be it my friends or family) every year to celebrate with.

At the end of January, when I feel like I still have enough time, I'll start making valentines. I go through the stockpile of frilly scrapbook paper, doilies, stamps and glitter. And then of course forget to remember to consider the size of a standard envelope, and then have to make my own envelopes and then pay a crap ton for postage... Will I ever learn?! :)
I thought these were really cute handmade valentine tags

Simple and sweet!
  When February 1st finally rolls around I will hang the pink swag on the mantel, the Valentine's wreathe on the front door, and add all of my little holiday touches. I love searching the internet and the magazine stands for decorating ideas...

Isn't this lovely?
I can't get over this darling swag
Lots of wonderful red!
 My sister is not a big fan of this holiday--never was. So she has a few decorations I'll put in her room that reflect her distaste for the holiday. Anything to make her laugh!

Are you folks just as excited as me for the next holiday?!


  1. So pretty! The Charlie Brown picture totally takes me back to my schools days. Boy, I love Valentine's! Ours were delivered into little homemade construction paper folders on the hallway wall! Loved it!

  2. Yes, I love it too! And I especially love your handmade Valentines I have received. :) LYS

  3. Ah the little red haired girl! Fun memories.

    I too love to make Valentines. My house is decked out.

  4. I told myself that when i had babies, I would def. up the holiday decor. I need to get on that ;) thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This year, I plan on decorating fr Valentine's Day(i usually don't). Great inspiration here to help me get my butt in gear:-)


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