Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Morning Break

Wow! Today is going to be busy. I just finished munching on a muffin and drinking some of the strongest coffee I could get my hands on. My first appointment in the field is in an hour or so. I will be all over the map today. Yesterday was a long one too, but I got to see a gorgeous sunset. The mountains and hills lit up pink that evening and flocks of silhouetted ducks kept flying over the road. It was great! The visits went pretty good, though a little messy after the rain. One of my houses is located on top of a field of clay. Talk about mud! I almost fell down a couple times, which would have been doubly terrible because they have angry chickens! I actually screamed like a little girl as one of the aggressive ones chased me back to my car. I'm pretty sure the family could hear me from inside the house too. I bet I was amusing! Not to mention the fact I had to take my shoes off in the home, and chose to wore my Easter Bunny socks.....oy. They must think I'm crazy! I was rewarded for my efforts with dinner out last night with my man and then a light snooze on the couch during a movie. What a relaxing evening. Made a quick trip to Wal-Mart too and found some scrapbook sticker letters. Oh how I love new letters! I am easily entertained. :) Alright, time to load up the car and hit the road!

So I just got back from my first appointment. What a funny one! There is a dog at this house that lives, and I mean LIVES to play fetch. He spits his drooly ball (or stick, or piece of wood, or pine cone) onto my tailgate as I unload stuff and stares at me. I throw it and he runs faster than the wind. There's a second dog, less amused with this game, that rarely gets to the ball first. Well, moment in history today, this dog got the ball. And didn't give it back. The rest of my visit it just wandered around with the ball in its mouth proudly. (While the other dog gave me a variety of other items to throw.) On one trip to the car from the house, after throwing the pine cone, I noticed a horse coming toward me. At this house, there is one horse that is not kept in the fence like the others. She's pretty chill. Apparently I was parked in front of the garage that housed her grain, however. Which meant, apparently, that I should feed her. Uh..... She walked right up to the car and stared at me. I moved around her to get back to the porch and later, with a load in my hands, she stopped me in my tracks and demanded to sniff what I was holding. She leaned in and decided that my extension cord and binders were not grain. Good girl. She was a sweetie and seemed content to watch me walk back and forth. Startled me at first though! My visit also involved a lot of conversation with a child I can only imagine is about 3. He likes to talk about their chickens. Chickens, that I learned, are named things like "Horse, Bull, Cow" and not surprisingly, "Duck." Gotta love it when kids have a hand in naming farm animals! Ha ha! What a day!

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  1. LOL!! What an adventurous day! I must say, your days are so varied. The sunset is gorgeous. You are getting to see so much of the country. Lucky girl!


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