Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Week is Over!

What an end to the week! It started out so lovely, and ended with being attacked by a rooster, an aggressive dog, dealing with families that aren't following the rules and a lot of bad drivers on the road. Oofta! I drove 600 miles this week, and that was over only 4 days! Yesterday I went down the valley and then back to town just to head up to Seeley Lake. It actually looks like winter up there still. It was nice! And small flakes were falling the entire time. Their roads are slippery and their hills are white white white! Lots of tracks out on the lakes and many-a-fisherman camped out. Lots of deer by the side of the road watching me curiously as I creep past. There were 9 of them on a hillside at one point and they were so beautiful to watch! Such cute (and tasty!) critters! :) A few driveways out there were slippery though, to a dangerous degree and it makes me want to ask "what is so wrong with using ice melt?!" People are odd. Oh well. My trip to the lake was half successful and I quickly turned around to head back home. The boy came over last night and we decided to attend a party a local radio station was throwing. We are big Country fans, so we thought we'd give 'er a shot. It was held at a hotel, and the crowd it drew was a very odd one indeed! Talk about a mix of people, but they had a country band playing and lots of inexpensive Bud Light! Ha ha. We danced for a bit and developed quite a little audience. A couple of ladies in the corner kept cheering us on. :) Thank goodness for a man who can dance! We stayed around till the band left and then headed home to a very welcoming bed at the end of a long week. It was a pretty early night but mighty enjoyable. It's nice to do some boot scootin' once in awhile. I'm hoping to get out and do the same thing tonight! (And it's great cardio!) Well, my mother is due any minute to visit and enjoy my new Keurig coffee machine. Gotta run and finish sprucing! :)


  1. I can just picture you two, dancing the night away. I bet you are very good, and hope to see you dance together some time. Loved the coffee maker and coffee. Tasty. Nice visiting with you today, your place looks great, and I loved loved the shopping! It has been awhile since I just browsed and shopped for trifles. Fun time. LYS.

  2. Oh my goodness ~ You sure put some mileage in each week. Driving snowy roads would freak me out I'm afraid. Glad you had such a nice time out with your man, it's always fun to relax and let off some pent up steam. Enjoy sprucing your nest. That's always a fun ongoing project.



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