Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Over Noodles and Brownies

I am just about done snacking on lunch--A simple cup of noodles and a home made brownie. The day is zipping by quite quickly, and I have been far too productive so far! I have found myself with some downtime, so here I am. It is the middle of the week, but it feels as though it is Friday. My days are all out of whack lately, I can't keep them in line. I've got Mondays sneaking up on Wednesdays, and my Thursdays have all wandered off. What a jumble in my head! My months have been so choreographed lately, and so busy, it's hard to function without my calendar in hand. I'm needed here at 9, and then there at 1, and then back here at 3 before I go over there at 4. Then dinner and sleep. My work day will end early this evening, however, and I will have a house to myself as far as I know. There are many little things on my to-do list that require a quiet home and some room to breathe. I will scratch a few off the list this eve! I hear that we may have a few snowflakes falling once the sun sets too. Though it will only accumulate in the mountains, it is relaxing to watch them fall in the valley, reflecting the street lights on their way down. I can't wait. With a glance at the clock, and the calendar once more, I am off to hit the road for my next appointment! Mud and mess, here I come!


  1. LOL! What a crazy day you had! Hope your evening is all you need, I too am looking forward to a quiet nite all by myself. :)

  2. Loving the pict of Bear! She is so pretty.


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