Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Quiet Evening

Oh it has been awhile since I've blogged, but am excited to start again! Right now I am sitting comfortably, enjoying the view from my couch. A few candles are lit and the scent of brownies is wafting from the kitchen. I am in the company of my Russian Blue who always sits close when I pull out the computer. She is less than social, however, and petting her is strictly out of the question tonight. She is looking at me unamused as I try to scratch her chin. Oh well, maybe later! My day was spent mostly on the road, which I enjoyed. I zipped down the Bitterroot Valley where it looked and smelled like Spring. I opened the window to take in the smell of damp earth and trees, and was reminded it was still only January. It was chilly out, only reaching 39 degrees on my journey. The dirt roads to my destination were muddy and messy after a night of freezing rain. I splashed my way over hills and through canyons, with the radio on and my mind in daydream after daydream. I love afternoon trips! They give me a lot of time to think, and be inspired by the landscape, the fauna, and the music. I mused today over how blessed a lady I am, which I am so thankful for. Now home and relaxed, it is time to make a late dinner and enjoy the company of my main squeeze before bed. What a wonderful day it has been!


  1. So glad your day was a keeper! Nice to have you along for the ride. Enjoy your writing. I will certainly enjoy reading it.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your afternoon jaunt. I could almost feel being there, smelling that ancient earthy smell, feeling the cold, enjoying the beauty of the winter landscape.

    Have a nice day ~ FlowerLady


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