Friday, February 19, 2010

End O' the Week!

It has been an interesting, and very long week. Strangely long, because it was only 4 days worth. Go figure. My driving took me mostly North this time around, and not far from the city. Much less exciting but I found things to entertain me. People were having a lot of fun this week I noticed. People on the street, people driving. I went past an elementary school and there, enjoying a swing set, and swinging as high as he could, was a guy in his mid-20s. Looked like he was in running attire, so I figure he went for a jog and then couldn't resist the play ground! Fun! I saw creepy run down buildings out there, a house surrounded by police, and also a kitty I thought was for sure a goner. I was cruising North at a fair clip and something caught my eye to the right. As I drove by I saw the blue-grey face of a kitty that looked just like my Bear! He tucked himself back in the weeds and I said a prayer out loud that he didn't cross the road. Well, in my rear-view mirror I saw him bolt---in front of traffic. Thankfully, I saw the encouraging glow of red breaklights as the line of traffic going South screeched to a halt. Whew! Little guy got by! Sure had me scared! Today I head South again which is much more familiar (but you have to worry about bigger critters crossing the road). It will be a morning jaunt which are always fun. Things are still frosty in the shadows, and the sun coming up over the fields is gorgeous! I'm just excited to not be out on the road in the evening tonight. I will head home in the light of the afternoon! Wahoo! Now on to coffee to get me charged up enough to drive. Glug glug glug...

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  1. Sure nice seeing you today. I enjoyed my Chicken Nuggets very much thank you. LOL I am syked for the evenings entertainment. I wonder what events are on. I hope you have a great time with D. Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it "driver girl". LYS.


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