Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finding the Little Joys

Pppppffff! What a week! I am looking forward to the next one, and ignoring most of this last one. What a doozy. I was thrown all sorts of curve balls over the last 5 days and can not express enough my happiness at today's success so far. In a way, I'm always pleased when all seemingly bad things fall on the same day or week. It gets them all out of the way at once. As always though, beyond the absurd weird-ness of this last string of days, there were good things too. It's always clearer looking back. For one, the Bitterroot Valley is slowly being filled cows!!! Oh how I love calves. They are tiny, and cute, and bouncy and completely covering the fields South of us. Also, the weather has been cold, but the sun has been shining as hard as its little face can, giving us beautiful, crisp days. It feels clean out. Cold and shiny as stainless steel. I got tulips this week too! Which are presently blooming in my living room. Getting flowers is lovely on its own, especially when it's a surprise, when you most need it. But tulips? Devine! I love tulips in winter. They are so out of character at that time. They are a Spring flower, and when I get them in the throws of snow flurries and ice, it warms my heart so. Such glee from red petals. So, many good things shook themselves out of this week. Warm faces, good company, kind words, and smiley strangers. And now it's Saturday! I have been ridiculously productive so far, I'm caffeinated, well fed, well loved and checking things of a list I haven't touched in awhile! Let's hope this trend keeps going! On to the fun tasks of the rest of today!

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  1. Oooo, they are sooo pretty! :) You did have a rough week, and you are a resilent woman, and have come out of it, whole. You have such a positive attitude and it will help you over the speed bumps. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! LYS.


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