Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feeling Quite Content

I have a hot cup of coffee in front of me and a bag of Skittles. Not my normal morning fare, but I'll take it. :) Today is unraveling slowly, and I like it. It's progressing at the same rate as my sleepy mind, so I can keep up. I have little odds and ends to do today at work; lots of checkboxes to check and cobwebs to clear off old to-dos. I can organize, and clean, and make this place look normal again. I have one appointment this evening, with my favorite family, that I look forward to. I'll be heading down the valley with the masses leaving the "big city." Evenings have been beautiful down there. Whether I have clear skies, stars and snow, or fluffy clouds making it cozy and grey. Today's visit is a short one too, probably no more than 10 minutes in the home, but a nice drive to and from. I get to take my beloved Eastside Highway, past my beloved crooked tree, my geese, my cows, and the not-so-beloved-try-to-believe-their-angels-bad-Bitterroot-drivers. Yesterday's trip flew by, and I had so much fun at my appointment! The little kids at this house yell "the asthma lady's here!" when I show up and they help me unload my car each time. They ask tons of questions, and the little 5 year old follows me everywhere. I love to get them laughing. With a wave, yesterday, I bid them adeu and they couldn't wait to see me again. Talk about warm and fuzzies! Lots of those around lately. I got warm and fuzzy after reading my bestfriend's blog this morning. I had more warm and fuzzies after reading my Mother's and her story of my sweetheart Dad. I had warm and fuzzies all over the place this morning when I woke up with my love's arms around me, comfy and cozy. You'd think with all those fuzzies I'd look like the abominable snowman by now! Warm and very fuzzy! :) (Maybe with less scary teeth though.) Well, now full of caffeine and Skittles sugar, I am off to tackle the day's tasks. Here's to another lovely day of, ugh, I guess "warm fuzzies" is getting kind of old, eh? So, maybe Hot Softies? Yes, a day of Hot Softies.

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  1. Love the pict! Warm and fuzzy is a good thing. Love your description of the Bitterroot. Such a great place. Have a great drive down there tonight! LYS.


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