Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Weekend's Coming

Road-side Wildlife update for this week:

-Bald Eagle flew over car
-Cow stared at Blue Heron (standing 2 feet away) in confusion
-Mountain Lion (unfortuantely deceased via a hunter, but still impressive)
-Fields carpeted in geese. V's of noisy geese all over the skies.

Lots of birds down the valley! My drives have been pretty normal so far. Nothing too interesting, though still very enjoyable. Two days ago I got myself caught in snow in my 2-wheel drive and I got scared that I'd have to knock on a stranger's door to get my car out. But it worked out fine and I was back on my way before I knew it. Families have been great this week, and the weather has been accomidating. Today looks a little more grey, but the main roads are fine. I've enjoyed the flurries lately. I'm so glad it finally looks like Winter! The week is half-way over too. I look forward to the coming three day weekend. Friday means the Olympics start, and I love the opening cermonies! I can't wait to see the events and wish I had time to drive North and be in the action myself in Canada. Saturday, I convinced my beau to let me take him to a date movie. Ha ha! I'm excited he wants to go. I get the day with my best friend too. I haven't seen her in a good while. :) Sunday of course is Valentine's Day and I can't wait. I love this holiday! It's been fun so far, decorating and finding tokens for loved ones. This year we've got a date planned at one of my favorite restaurants that I get to dress up for. It should be devine! Well, it's that time, the road is calling once more, so off I drive!

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  1. A mountain lion!!?? Wow! Yes, it should be a good weekend. I love holidays and this one especially. I hope your's goes the way your little heart wishes it to. Enjoy! LYS.


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