Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Miracle of Life!

Ah, to be in the right place at the right time! This last Tuesday I was treated to something quite extraordinary. After driving past fields of cattle, my colleague and I headed to our one and only appointment. This family had cattle too, and while the colleague was doing her thing, I peered out of the family's huge picture windows onto their property. I made casual conversation with the man of the house and ended up gushing about my obscure love of cows. He pointed to the fields and said that he had 15 ladies left to calve. I looked harder and found ~25 mini-cows already running around in the fields. He took me to the front porch and pointed at a cow far out past the house laying down. "She's about to have one," he told me. I must have been grinning, because after I checked on my lab mate to see if she needed anything, he invited me out to watch the birth! I excitedly took the offer and we hopped in his SUV. We went through the fences that separate the mothers-to-be and went out to the lone cow. She looked pretty content, considering she was about to have a baby. You could tell she was pushing, but she didn't look at all as stressed as human mommies look! He said it goes pretty quick. We made cow small talk and I learned so very much about these great creatures. The homeowner, though, kept saying that something didn't look quite right with our situation. He told me about all the things that could go wrong. As we quieted our conversation, two little prayers ascended from the SUV as we watched. Then poof! In an instant, with one more push, out shot a calf! Legs sprawling! And he was breach! That's what was wrong! The mother didn't look phased and immediately stood up and investigated her young. With a big pink tongue she began to bathe and stimulate the little guy. Breathless we waited for movement and exclaimed Hallelujahs when the baby shook its little black head. Hurray! We soon realized, after she sat down again, that she was going to have another one! Twins! While the newborn tried to use its new legs, she pushed out a second calf. This one was breach too, and unfortunately not as lucky as his brother. Even with the homeowner's valiant leap from the car to try and assist in the birth, this calf didn't make it. It was sad to see this one not succeed, but the feeling was matched by how amazing it was to watch the one that did. Within 15 minutes that little guy was already trying to walk. It just amazes me. And though we would have been happy that day to see two bouncing twins, we were pleased to see at least one make it. Still in awe and full of cow wisdom I left that house, an hour later than originally planned. What an amazing moment to witness! And my cow obsession only grows stronger...

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  1. You are sooo lucky! I have never seen anything like that, except on TV. What a great moment! Did you name the cow? Did the rancher hand out cigars?....LOL Hope it grows into a big strong cow. :) LYS


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