Friday, March 26, 2010

Autumn in Spring?

As I stepped my shiny red shoes to my bus stop this cool morning, I took a notice to the trees around me. It looks like Fall, doesn't it? Orange and red leaves everywhere. But instead, it is a lovely Spring day. Due to a strange frost this last Autumn, the leaves were all frozen in their tracks, and Spring has found our beloved Maples covered in last year's foliage. They have started to fall with the warm weather finally, as the new buds grow bigger and bigger. When the snow melted from our front yards, folks were out busily raking. With the cool weather and bright sunshine, it sure feels like Fall out there though! I took some photos this morning with my phone to capture some of the light on the trees. It was beautiful!


  1. You are right, it is both beautiful and odd! Happy Spring/Fall to you dear friend!!! Much Love,

  2. Wow! With those photos, it does look like Fall! Great picts my dear. I can't wait for all the dead leaves to be gone and lots of green overhead. LYS.

  3. I just love fall...even in the spring!!! Thanks for the lovely pictures.



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